Statement Analysis®

The most accurate way of detecting deception

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the Program

How long does it take to analyze a statement?

The program analyzes most statements within two seconds. Longer statement may take up to five seconds.

Can I enter a transcript that is in a Question and Answer format?

Yes. However, the program will also analyze the questions which may make the analysis a little confusing. It would be best to only enter the answers.

Do I have to sign out when I am done using the program?

No. The program will time out if it detects inactivity for a 15 minute period. However, it is best to sign out so that the cookies and any information you have entered will be completely erased.

Why do I have to correct any misspelling in the statement?

Misspelled words are typically an indication of poor grammar skills and not deception. Therefore, the program does not look for misspelled words. By entering the correct spelling, the program will be able to analyze every word.

Can the program analyze statements that are not in English?


How long of a statement can I enter?

The program can analyze a maximum of 3,000 words which is about 4 - 5 single spaced pages. If you have a lengthy statement, you will have to analyze it 4 - 5 pages at a time.

Can I print the statement along with the analysis?

Yes. Click the "Print Statement" button located towards the bottom of the page.

Can I enter a written statement that I have scanned?

No. The program looks for individual words. Therefore, it cannot analyze a jpg or gif type file. If you have a written statement, you will have to type the statement into the entry screen.

General Questions

Will the Statement Analyzer tell me if the statement is a truthful statement?

The program does not make any determination as to the veracity of the statement. It will point out any deceptive language that may be in the statement. After reading the analysis of why a word was flagged, you may determine that the language was appropriate. The final decision as to whether the statement is true or false will be up to you.

I am not from the United States but I live in an English speaking country. Will the Statement Analyzer still work for me?

Yes. All the Statement Analysis techniques will still apply. However, because the program is based on the English language as spoken in the United States, there may be some words that are unique to your country that the program will not identify.

Do I need to be trained in Statement Analysis to use the Statement Analyzer?

No. The program will identify certain words and tell you why the word was flagged. This will help you to determine if the subject is being truthful. If you will be interviewing the subject, the analysis may provide you with certain areas within his statement that need to be explored.

I have been trained in analyzing statements. Will I still benefit from using the Statement Analyzer?

Yes. It can help you to quickly analyze a lengthy statement saving you time. It may also identify something that you missed or are not familiar with.

Can the Statement Analyzer do everything that an expert in Statement Analysis can do?

No. The program utilizes about 90% of the Statement Analysis techniques. There are a few things that it does not do such as analyzing the story breakdown and looking at the punctuation.

Can I still purchase the Statement Analyzer on CD?

No. We have transitioned from the Statement Analyzer being downloadable software to an online program. This allows you to access the Statement Analyzer from any computer or tablet with internet access. You will also have access to the most recent updates.

I purchased the single-user subscription. Can I change it to the multi-user subscription?

Yes. Send us an email and we will let you know what the prorated cost will be.

I purchased a multi-user subscription. One of our employees no longer works for us. Can I cancel his access to the Statement Analyzer and assign another employee with a new user name and password?

Yes. Send us an email with the username and password you wish to delete. We will then send you a new username and password that you can assign to a new person.

Trouble Shooting

When I click the "Analyze Statement" button it states that I am not logged in.

The program has timed out because of inactivity. You should first save the statement you have entered by left clicking on your mouse, highlight and copy the statement. Then click the "Sign Out" button and log back in. You can then paste your statement into the entry screen.

I cannot log in.

The username and password are case sensitive. Make sure you are using the correct login assigned to you.
If you have a single-user account, another person may be logged in preventing you from accessing the program.
You cannot log in by pressing the "enter" key. You must click on the "Sign In" button.
If you still cannot log in, please send us an email.

I click the "Analyze Statement" button but nothing happens.

You have probably entered a lengthy statement and the program is taking additional time to analyze the statement. It may take up to five seconds for the program to provide you with an analysis.

If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please send us an email.