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The Cabin 28 Murders

On April 12, 1981 in the resort town of Keddie, California, three bodies were found inside of Cabin 28. The victims were Glenna "Sue" Sharp, age 36, her fifteen year old son John Sharp and John's friend seventeen year old Dana Wingate. The victims had been knifed, claw-hammered and strangled to death. Missing from the cabin was Sue's 12 year old daughter Tina. In 1984, Tina's skull was found about thirty miles from the cabin. The case has never been solved.

Two of the primary suspects in the murder are Martin Smartt and John "Bo" Boubede. Smartt served two tours in Viet Nam. He was seeking psychiatric help at the Reno Veterans Administration hospital a few weeks prior to the murders. It is believed he met John Boubede at the VA hospital. Boubede had a criminal history for bank robbery and had spent time in prison. Smartt brought Boubede back to Keddie. Boubede stayed with Smartt during the short time he lived in Keddie.

The police interviewed Smartt and Boubede but they were never charged with the murders. They have both since died. Let's take a look at some excerpts of their interviews with the police.

Martin Smartt's Interview

John Boubede's Interview

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