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Did Joe Biden Sexually Assault Tara Reade?

Part One: Tara Reade's Statement

Part Two: Joe Biden's Statements

Part Three: The Conclusion

Part Three: The Conclusion

Tara Reade's statement about delivering a gym bag to Joe Biden sounds believable. Her statement he had her up against the wall sounds true. However, her story of him sexually assaulting her has its problems. She said she pulled back after Biden "got finished doing what he was doing." I would think most women would slap him or grab his hand and stop him from "doing what he was doing." Her use of the pronoun we several times doesn’t add up to her being sexually assaulted.

Biden's initial denials of "They aren’t true. This never happened" are weak denials. This indicates something probably did happen. Biden may have alluded to this when he said to Brzezinski, "All of the sudden this gets raised." In her questioning, Brzezinski asked Biden if he sexually assaulted Reade. He gave a good answer by saying, "No." However, in his online article, Biden said there were two allegations: sexual assault and sexual harassment. It may be Biden didn’t sexually assault Reade, but he sexually harassed her. That is what Reade told the Associated Press in 2019. She accused him of inappropriate touching. She didn't publicly mention the allegations of sexual assault until this year.

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