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Don't Be Deceived

Don't Be Deceived offers numerous opportunities for an interviewer - be it a parent, a spouse, a boss or a law enforcement official - to detect deception. Without the aid of a machine, there are only three ways you can tell if someone is lying. All three of these methods are brought together in this one book.

The first method in determining if someone is lying involves analyzing how a person phrases his statement. It is difficult to be a good liar because the truth will slip out. This book will show you how to use the Statement Analysis® techniques to determine exactly what a person is saying and in some cases not saying. By examining word choices, verb tenses, pronouns and other linguistic cues, you will be able to determine a speaker's honesty.

The second method for detecting deception involves observing a person's non-verbal gestures. When a person knowingly tells a lie it creates a degree of stress which usually surfaces in the form of a body movement. Most often, these stress related movements involve the hands, the eyes, and the legs. Don't Be Deceived discusses the non-verbal signals can help you to determine if a person is being deceptive.

The third method that can be used to detect deception is handwriting analysis. Handwriting is brain writing. While your conscious mind decides what to write your subconscious mind determines how you will write. There are numerous characteristics such as how letters are formed, how much pressure is used, and how lines of writing are sloped which can give us insight as to whether a person is being truthful or dishonest.

Type: Paperback / E-book / Audio book
Pages: 293
Publisher: The Marpa Group, Inc.

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"Don't Be Deceived exposes the verbal, non-verbal and written cues used by deceptive people. These simple techniques will show you how to quickly spot a liar in any type of situation. This book is sure to become the gold standard for detecting deception."
Retired Chief Ken Amiano - Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

"This is the most comprehensive book I have read on detecting deception. In this easy to read book, Mark McClish provides plenty of examples on how you can tell if someone is lying. I wish I had learned these techniques earlier in my law enforcement career."
Detective Rick Best - Internal Affairs

"In a day where many people are being deceived, you don't have to be one of them. Don't Be Deceived is the blueprint for identifying lies. After reading this book, you will become a walking polygraph."
Detective Sergeant Lorenzo Miles