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Woman admits to making up a story about being kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

On March 18, 2017, a Texas woman ran into a church bloodied and wearing no pants. Breana Rachelle Harmon told the police that three black men in ski masks abducted her and that two of the men had sexually assaulted her. This month Harmon pled guilty to making the whole thing up. Apparently, she made up the abduction and sexual assault because she didn't want her family to be upset with her over the breakup with her fiancee. She will be sentenced in March 2018.

From the beginning, we had an inkling that her story was not true because of her use of the number three. When people are going to lie about a certain number, they will often use the number three or a number that begins with three. We would never accuse someone of lying because he or she used the number three. However, the use of this number gives us reason to ask a few more questions in order to determine if it is an accurate number.

See the March 2018 analysis for a different take on the use of the number three.

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