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Is a Copper Wear Mask better than a regular mask?

When analyzing a statement, we want to not only focus on what the subject is saying, we also want to recognize what the subject has not told us.

This month I was watching TV when a commercial for Copper Wear Mask aired. Because of the Covid-19 virus, many people are wearing a mask when they go out in public. The manufacturers of the Copper Wear Mask want you to buy their mask. In promoting their product, their commercial stated, "It's a reusable machine washable mask with the properties of copper." As I am sure you are aware, one of the latest trends is for people to buy copper-infused compression garments. Socks, knees sleeves and gloves infused with copper can supposedly relieve pain and help you function better. The makers of the Copper Wear Mask are hoping to cash in on the copper craze.

The commercial went on to say, "Real copper threads are woven into the fabric...Sometimes we have to go out in public to get essentials. The copper infused mask can create separation between your face, mouth and nose and the world outside." These are all truthful statements. However, what I did not hear while watching their commercial is why their product is better than a regular mask. They never said the copper in their mask can trap or kill the covid-19 virus. They didn't say you are less likely to inhale the covid-19 virus if you are wearing their mask. According to Consumer Reports, "There's little evidence to support manufactures claims about copper-infused garments." That same evidence can probably be applied to copper-infused masks.

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