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Did Diplo have sex with Katy Perry?

This month Katy Perry hosted a YouTube livestream to promote her new album "Witness." The show's host, James Corden, convinced Perry to rank some of her high-profile lovers. From best to worst, Perry gave the following order:
1. John Mayer
2. Orlando Bloom
3. Diplo

Diplo didn't take too kindly coming in third and responded via twitter.
"I don't even remember having sex."

In Statement Analysis, the shortest sentence is the best sentence. You don't need the word "even" in Diplo's tweet. He could have said, "I don't remember having sex." So why did he use the word "even"?

The word "even" indicates a contrast of ideas. Diplo may be comparing the fact that Perry said they had sex with his idea they might not have had sex. He could also be comparing his suggestion they did not have sex with the fact that he knows they did have sex. The latter comparison is most likely the truth. It seems unlikely one would not remember having sex with Katy Perry. Diplo seems to reaffirm this is the case when he sent out a second tweet making fun of the rankings; "I won the bronze medal in [the] sex Olympics."

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