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Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is the former Central Intelligence Agency employee and former contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA) who disclosed details of the NSA mass surveillance program to the press. He is currently living in China to avoid possible prosecution by the U.S government for being a traitor. On June 17, 2013, Snowden went online to answer questions as to why he revealed the NSA's top-secret surveillance of U.S. citizens. We find the following question posted by Spencer Ackerman.

"Edward, there is rampant speculation, outpacing facts, that you have or will provide classified U.S. information to the Chinese or other governments in exchange for asylum. Have/will you?"

"This is a predictable smear that I anticipated before going public, as the US media has a knee-jerk "RED CHINA!" reaction to anything involving HK or the PRC, and is intended to distract from the issue of US government misconduct. Ask yourself: if I were a Chinese spy, why wouldn't I have flown directly into Beijing? I could be living in a palace petting a phoenix by now."

When asked a question people will generally give an answer. What you need to look for is if the person answered the specific question. Not answering the specific question means the person is withholding information. Snowden was asked if he has or will release classified U.S. information in exchange for asylum. He never answered that specific question. He never said, "No, I will not release classified information."

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