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Did Joe Biden know about Hunter Biden's business dealings in China?

Tony Bobulinski is a former associate of Hunter Biden. Bobulinski has stated that Hunter Biden, Joe Biden's son, and Jim Biden, Joe Biden's brother, approached him to run their business in China. Bobulinski claims he met with Joe Biden to discuss the family business in China. The former Vice-President has denied knowing about his son's business dealings and has denied taking any money from China. In the final presidential debate, Joe Biden said, "I have not taken a penny from any foreign source ever in my life."

When we analyze Biden's denial, we see he didn't use a contraction. Not using a contraction is a formal way of speaking which may be okay since he was participating in a debate. However, truthful people will usually use contractions. Deceptive people may speak more formal in an effort to sound truthful.

At the end of the sentence, Biden said, "ever in my life." Biden could have ended the sentence with the word "ever." He could have also ended the sentence not using the word "ever" but only saying, "in my life." That is because the word "ever" and the phrase "in my life" mean the same thing. Biden is overemphasizing not taking money from a foreign source. Is this because he is being truthful and is upset over the allegations? Or, did he do this in an effort to convince us he is being truthful?

The Democratic party has attacked Bobulinski and has said that all of this is Russian disinformation. (We have all heard that before!) On October 27, 2020, Bobulinski appeared on the show Tucker Carlson and told his story. He said he had no desire to do the interview but felt he had to in order to clear his name.

I found Bobulinski to be truthful in his description of meeting with Hunter Biden and Joe Biden. Bobulinski was very clear in what he said. He mentioned dates, times and locations of these meetings. Deceptive people are usually short on details. This is because details can be verified.

Some of Bobulinski's claims were preserved in emails and text messages. In one of the emails to Bobulinski, it was explained how the money would be divided up; "10 held by H for the big guy." According to Bobulinski, ten percent would be held by Hunter Biden for Joe Biden. Tucker Carlson ask Bobulinski, "So it was clear to you that Joe Biden's son had told him about this business?" Bobulinski answered, "Crystal clear."

In regards to Joe Biden stating in the final presidential debate that he had no knowledge of Hunter Biden's business dealings, Bobulinski told Carlson that was a "blatant lie." Deceptive people will usually not call someone a liar if they know the person isn't lying. Instead they will soften their language and say things like, "That is not true" or "That is false." They usually stop short of saying the person is lying.

If someone went on national television and called you a liar, and you have always told the truth, what would your reaction be? You of course would deny it using the strongest language you could think of. I am waiting to hear what Joe Biden has to say.

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