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The Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas Feud

This month former basketball great Magic Johnson tweeted, "I had a great private convo with @iamisiahthomas. Glad we can be friends again." Johnson was referring to the falling-out between him and Isiah Thomas which lasted two decades. When Johnson contracted the AIDS virus in 1991, he believed that his once-dear friend was responsible for spreading the rumor that Johnson was gay or bisexual. As it turns out, Thomas or anyone else would have good reason to question Johnson's sexuality.

In the November 18, 1991 issue of Sports Illustrated, Johnson explained how he acquired the AIDS virus.

"I am certain that I was infected by having unprotected sex with a woman who has the virus."

By using the word "certain," Johnson is telling us that he ruled out other possibilities which then led him conclude he was certain it was with a woman. If Johnson knew from day one that he received the virus from a woman, he would not have used the word "certain." If we were curious, and I am not curious, we would want to know what other possibilities Johnson was thinking about.

Also, Johnson wants to make sure we know he acquired the virus from a woman. He may have felt he needed to add that because of the rumors he was gay.

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