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Magnetic Bracelets

Recently, I was in a Walgreens buying a few items. As I was checking out I noticed they had a display of magnetic bracelets. In order to get people to buy these bracelets, they had the following statement printed on the display box; "Believed to heal your body naturally."

People mean exactly what they say. The ad does not say these magnetic bracelets will heal your body. It does not say these bracelets will promote healing your body. All it says is that it is "believed" they will heal your body. This means the makers of these bracelets don't know for sure if they work. Because of their uncertainty, they have to use the word "believed." Also, we do not know who believes these bracelets will heal your body naturally. Are doctors making this claim or is the manufacturer making this claim?

The bottom line is that the statement, "Believed to heal your body naturally" means nothing. They could have place a rock on display and made the same claim.

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