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President Obama and the Affordable Healthcare Act

The implementation of the Affordable Healthcare act has seen several problems from people losing their health insurance provider to not being able to access the government's healthcare website. In talking about the failed healthcare roll out, President Obama made the following comment.

"If I fumbled the ball, I'm gonna wait until I get the next play and I'm gonna try and run as hard as I can and do right by the team. So, ultimately I'm the head of this team. We did fumble the ball on it."

Pronouns show responsibility. A person confirms he is accountable when he uses the pronoun "I" or "my." President Obama starts off using the pronoun "I" with his statement, "If I fumbled the ball." Five more times he uses the pronoun "I." However, at the end of his statement he switches pronouns and says, "We did fumble the ball on it." By using the pronoun "we," he is spreading the blame and not taking full responsibility.

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