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Pat McCrory

Pat McCrory was the 53rd Mayor of Charlotte, NC from 1995 to 2009. He is currently the Republican nominee for Governor of North Carolina. I recently saw his television ad proclaiming why we North Carolinians should vote for him in the upcoming November election. Walking towards the camera McCrory states the following,

"Okay, we're struggling in North Carolina but we're still the best state in the nation. Let's forget about politics for a while and think about us. That's what we tried in Charlotte when I was mayor. People of all parties built that city into an economic powerhouse. I'd be honored to help do the same for North Carolina. I'm Pat McCrory and I'm runnin' for governor."

The word "tried" means that a person attempted to do something but failed to do it. A better and more positive statement would have been to say "That's what we did in Charlotte." Pat McCrory may need to find a better speech writer.

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