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Did Sean Newaldass have an affair with Senator Kamala Harris?

In early October 2019, Sean Newaldass claimed he had an affair with Senator Kamala Harris. In a written "Statement Of Fact And Belief," Newaldass said,

"I have served as a personal trainer to Senator Kamala Harris since she began her work on Capitol Hill."

He would go on to write,

"I began an extensive sexual relationship with United States Senator Kamala Harris at the Doubletree Hotel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa."

There are no synonyms in Statement Analysis. Every word means something different. Truthful people will use the same language. If a person views a firearm as a pistol, he will always refer to it as a pistol. He will not call it a gun unless there is a justifiable reason for changing the language and calling it a pistol. Deceptive people will sometimes use synonyms to describe the same thing. This is because their story is not coming from memory.

Newaldass first referred to the Senator as "Senator Kamala Harris." He then went on to call her "United States Senator Kamala Harris." If we don't see a justification for the change in language, we lean towards deception. It is possible when he views her as a client, she is "Senator Kamala Harris." When he views her as a lover, she is the "United States Senator Kamala Harris." The problem is, in the very next sentence he wrote,

"Since June 9, I have had a total of 11 sexual encounters with the Senator."

For a third time, he changed his language. He now calls her simply the "Senator." It would appear his changes in language are not justified. He would also go on to use the words "male" & "man" and "males" & "men." Again, there appears to be no justification for the changes in language.

Newaldass goes on to write, "Although in 3 such instances, she only performed oral sex on me, which is unusual for my clients."

When deceptive people have to come up with a number, they will often use the number three or a number that begins with three. People can lie using any number. However, when you hear the number three, you should check to see if it is an accurate number.

I am not sure what he means he said, "Which is unusual for my clients." Is it unusual your clients engage in sexual acts with you? Or, is it unusual your clients only engage in oral sex with you?

Later in his statement, Newaldass wrote about arranging a "small orgy" for the Senator.

"I did as I was told and was paid $3,000. Despite being in her 50's, the Senator was able to have sex for more than three hours straight."

Again, we have him twice using the number three.

Newladass statement shows several signs of possible deception. On October 11, 2019, Newaldass admitted he made up the story about his sexual encounter with Senator Harris. Newaldass told the Daily Beast he thought he was hired for an acting role and that Senator Harris was a fictional person. That too we would have to question.

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