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Who is the Golden State Warrior's dance cam mom?

In between NFL playoff games, I was flipping through the channels when I came across the show "To Tell The Truth." ABC has remade this old show in which three contestants all claim to be the same person. A panel of celebrity judges has to decide who is telling the truth by asking the contestants questions. This is not the ideal place to practice your Statement Analysis skills as the show is more entertaining than trying to get to the truth. The questions asked often don't provide us with any useful information. However, everyone once in a while a lying contestant will unknowingly slip up.

In the episode that I watched, three women claimed to be the Golden State Warrior's dance cam mom. One of these women was at a Warrior's game when during a time out, she stood up in the stands and got her grove on. Her dance moves were put up on the jumbotron and she became a internet sensation. One of the celebrities asked contestant number one, "How did you find out you went viral?" She gave the following answer.

"One of my friends sent it to me on Facebook actually."

In Statement Analysis, the shortest sentence is the best sentence. You don't need the word "actually." The used of the word "actually" always means a person is comparing two thoughts. Most of the time, you will see the comparison.

Q. "Did you go to McDonalds?"
A. "Actually, I went to Burger King."

In this example, the person is comparing going to McDonalds with going to Burger King. With our game show contestant, she was comparing finding out through Facebook with something else. We don't know what that something else was. If we don't see the comparison, then we lean towards the opposite; she didn't find out through Facebook. It turned out contestant number two was the dance cam mom and contestant number one was lying. When contestant number one said she found out through Facebook, she knew that was a lie. In her mind, she was thinking about the truth. This caused her to unknowingly use the word "actually."

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