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The X-Factor Australia 2012

The X-Factor Australia Grand Final was held on November 20, 2012. The competition had been narrowed down to two finalists, Jason Owen and Samantha Jade. After both contestants sang their final song, host Luke Jacobs brought them back to the stage to announce the winner. Here is how Jacobs introduced them before revealing who had won the contest.

"When we first met him he was working on his dad's fuel business in a town of just 12. Today, he's a superstar. Please welcome back to the stage Jason Owen."

"When we first met Samantha she was hoping to reconnect to music. Today, she is one step away from winning the X Factor for 2012. So, please welcome back to the stage Samantha Jade."

If you look at how the host words his introduction, you can figure out who won the X Factor Australia before the winner's name was announced. Jason is introduced using the pronoun him; "When we first met him." However, Samantha is introduced using her name; "When we first met Samantha." We see that with Jason, "Today, he's a superstar." However, in talking about Samantha he tells us, "Today, she is one step away from winning the X Factor for 2012."

After the introductions, we learned that Samantha was the winner.

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