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I Know You Are Lying

People are sometimes reluctant to talk and will withhold certain information. Fortunately, people's words will betray them. The truth will come out. I Know You Are Lying will show you what to look for in a person's statement to determine if he is lying or telling the truth. Whether you are conducting an interview or just listening to a conversation, the techniques explained in this book will help you detect deception in a verbal or written statement. You will also be able to obtain additional information from the subject's statement.

Also included is an analysis of eight high profile cases. An examination of these cases will help you review the Statement Analysis techniques, and it will show you who is being truthful and who is being deceptive in the following cases:

- The JonBenet Ramsey Murder
- The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial
- Sexual Molestation Allegations Against Michael Jackson
- The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
- The Lindbergh Kidnapping
- President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky Scandal
- The Murder of Marylin Sheppard
- The Oklahoma City Bombing

In November 2015, the Philadelphia Police department made "I Know You Are Lying" required reading in order to take the detective promotional exam.

Type: Paperback / E-book / Audio book
Pages: 288
Publisher: The Marpa Group, Inc.

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"I Know You Are Lying is perhaps the most simple and straightforward book I have read on Statement Analysis. The chapter break downs make the material very easy to understand and the famous cases are real page turners."
Peter Hyatt - Orrington, ME