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Statement Analysis Scroll Pen

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When analyzing a written statement, you are able to take your time as you examine the subject's language. In order to get the most out of your analysis, you should mark up the statement identifying certain things within the statement such as the pronouns, verb tenses, time references, etc. Some people like to use a color code system using highlighters to mark up the statement. There is nothing wrong with the color code system provided that you have a lot of different colored highlighters.

I like to mark up a statement using one pen. This is done by underlining the language, double underlining certain unique words, circling the pronouns, etc. In my one-day seminars, I teach participants how to mark up a statement using a single pen. These techniques are listed in the Statement Analysis workbook they receive. Instead of having to look through the workbook for the techniques, I developed the Statement Analysis scroll pen. As you are using this pen to mark up a statement you can pull out the banner which will remind you of what to look for in a statement and how to mark up the statement. There is information listed on both sides of the banner. When you are done reading the banner it will automatically retract back into the pen where it will remain concealed. The pen contains red ink which will be easy to see when marking up a xerox copied statement.

The scroll pen is ideal for those individuals who have attended one of my seminars or who are familiar with the Statement Analysis techniques. This pen does not explain the Statement Analysis techniques. It only shows you how to mark up a statement in an effort to get the most information out of the statement. Everyone who attends one of my one-day seminars will receive a scroll pen. You can also purchase these pens for $2.00 per pen. You must order a minimum of four pens. They come as pictured with a blue barrel and red ink.

Click here to order the Statement Analysis scroll pen.