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Statement Analysis Test

In this case, a police officer and his wife went for a walk in the park in the evening hours. According to the officer, while they were at the park they were robbed by two men. The robbers shot both of them and fled the scene. The officer appeared on local television telling a reporter what happened. It became a big news story.

Since his wife was basically executed and he received a less than serious wound, the police were suspicious of his story. Take a look at his story as he described what happened that night. Can you find any deception?

"Decide to go for a walk. Got out there. Um stood for a few moments and a received a page from home. Something was going on at home. Let's go back and make a phone call and see what's going on. Got approached by a gentleman asking for money. When I addressed him I was struck in the rear, knocked to the ground. Struggled with him. There was a shot that went off. Struggled with him and there was another shot that went off. That was the shot that hit me. Got my gun out of the car. Tried to fire at them. Turned back called for her and just looked and she wasn't there. I, I, I had no idea she had been shot at that point. I got rid of my gun. I stepped over the top of her you know shook her a little bit. Tried to figure out you know, you know 'Patty, Patty talk to me.' She didn't respond to me."

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