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Statement Analysis Test

In 2011 in Douglas County, Colorado, someone entered the home of Bob and Tammy Rafferty and murdered Bob Rafferty and his sister-in-law Amara Wells. Tammy Rafferty was out of town on business which probably saved her life. The investigation led detectives to Chris Wells the husband of Amara Wells. Amara Wells wanted a divorce and had moved in with her sister-in-law Tammy Rafferty. The authorities believed Chris did not want a divorce and had hired someone to kill his wife and everyone else who was in the house.

The detectives interviewed Chris Wells which produced the following series of questions and answers.

Detective: "I want to know who did this and I think you can help me."
Wells:       "I don't have any idea. Why would I have any idea?"
Detective: "Do you know who hurt your family?"
Wells:       "No, I do not."
Detective: "Did you ask anybody to hurt your family?"
Wells:       "No, of course not."
Detective: "Did you pay anybody to hurt your family?"
Wells:       "I don't have any money sir. I have $5,000 in my bank account in my business. I have $100 in my personal."

In all four of his answers, Wells shows signs of being deceptive. Can you spot the deception?

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