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An analysis of some famous cases

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A brief look at some recent statements.
Hunter Biden | Andrew Cuomo | Christopher Watts | and more.

The Cabin 28 Murders
An unsolved homicide.

Paula Abdul
Did she help American Idol contestant Corey Clark?

Mumia Abu-Jamal
Did he kill a police officer?

Casey Anthony
Did she kill her daughter Caylee?

Jessie Arbogast
Shark Attack

Steven Avery
Did he kill Teresa Halbach?

Lt. Jim Barton
Was he involved in his wife's death?

Joe Biden
Did he sexually assault Tara Reade?

Governor Rod Blagojevich
Did he attempt to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat?

Herman Cain
He responds to the sexual harassment allegations.

Butch Cassidy
Did he return to the United States in 1925?

Roger Clemens
Did he use steroids?

Gary Condit
Chandra Levy's disappearance

What was Tom Brady's role in the under-inflated footballs?

Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax
Did Justin Fairfax sexually assault Vanessa Tyson?

Leah Freeman
Did Nick McGuffin kill her?

Julie Ann Gonzalez Disappearance
What does her husband know?

Lori Hacking's Disappearance
Was her husband involved?

Ted Haggard
Did he have a homosexual relationship?

Tonya Harding
Was she involved in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan?

Natalee Holloway's Disappearance
A prime suspect finally speaks out.

Michael Jackson
Child molestation charges

Julius Jones
Did he murder Paul Howell?

Judge Brett Kavanaugh
Did he sexually assault Dr. Christine Blasey Ford?

Floyd Landis
The doping scandal

Brian Laundrie
Did he mercifull kill Gabby Petito?    New

Ryan Lochte
Was he robbed in Rio?

Bishop Eddie Long
He is facing some serious allegations.

Jeffrey MacDonald
Did he kill his family?

The McStay Family Murders
Did a business partner kill the family?

Roy Moore
Did he sexually assault teenage girls?

John Muhammad
D.C. Sniper

Lee Harvey Oswald
Did he kill President John F. Kennedy?

Michael Peterson
Did the novelist kill his wife?

Scott Peterson
Did he kill his wife and unborn son?

Oscar Pistorius
Did he accidentially kill his girlfriend?

JonBenet Ramsey
A complete analysis of the case.

Ayla Reynolds
Does her father know what happened to her?

Darlie Routier
Did she kill her children?    New

Jerry Sandusky
Did he molest young boys?

Marilyn Sheppard
Did Dr. Sam Sheppard kill his wife?

O.J. Simpson
Did he commit a double homicide?

Susan Smith
Drowning her kids

Jussie Smollett
Was Jussie Smollett attacked?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Did he sexually assault a maid?

Steven Truscott
Did this 14-year-old boy kill his classmate Lynne Harper?

The West Memphis Three
Were they wrongfully convicted?

Paige Yore
Did she have a life changing experience at Walmart?

George Zimmerman
Did he shoot Trayvon Martin in self-defense?

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