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Conclusion - Did Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax Sexually Assault Dr. Vanessa Tyson?

When we look at their language and how they phrased their statements, we find that Dr. Vanessa Tyson appears to be more truthful than Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax. Tyson showed little indication she was being deceptive. A lot of her language as to how she felt, "grief, shame, and anger" point towards her being truthful. She was consistent in her personal dictionary and she said, "I am telling the truth."

When we look at Fairfax's statement, we find his denials are very weak; "Dealing with an allegation that I know is not true." He does not explain what allegations are not true. "I cannot agree with a description of events that I know is not true." He does not explain what description of events are not true. He never said, "I didn't force her to have sex" which would have been the best denial.

His statement the two of them had contact with each other after their encounter is weak. He could not say, "We stayed in touch" which would have shown closeness. Instead he used the word "with" which separated the two of them.

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Dr. Vanessa Tyson's Statement

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