Statement Analysis®

On-Demand Training

"Before I started this training, I didn't know the first thing about detecting deception in what people say. After taking this course, I can notice a difference in how I analyze people's statements as well as their body language."

S. Tanner - Virginia

"It was just cool to learn these tactics that you hear about or see on shows/tv."

Christian Jordan - Chesapeake VA

"This taught me a lot of new information, and I find myself looking for these aspects when I think someone is being deceptive towards me."

M. West

"It was an excellent online training; it gave me new ways to look at other interviewing methods and ratings."

Andrew Sak - Norway

"Knowledge of Statement Analysis should be basic tools for anyone dealing with other people. The course has given me a unique insight into how powerful the spoken and written word is, and enables me to understand other people on a completely different level. Many thanks to Mark McClish for opening up a new world for me!"

Jacob Chr. Nielsen - CEO from Denmark

"I appreciated the various real-life examples provided both in quotes and in videos. I found this training to be fascinating and incredibly beneficial, not only in regard to interrogations but in general. Thank you!"

C. Haskins - Virginia

"This is a great course to introduce you to the topic of Statement Analysis, which I believe to be one of the most effective investigation tools available. Where other methods of deception detection may fail you, Statement Analysis wont. You always start with the belief that the individual is telling you the truth and let them talk you out of it. I strongly recommend this to all members of law enforcement, especially those who have any interaction with the public who may be relied upon to provide information about an incident."

Sgt. Steven McClellan - Phoenix PD

I conduct a lot of interviews. While completing this course, I re-read statements by subjects and I was able to easily identify deception. Professional interviewers have a spider-sense for deception, this course helps to identify exactly when the person is truly being deceptive based solely on statement analysis. No body language reading is required. People say exactly what they mean. What a great course, thank you Mark.

Nicholas Philippa - Investigator - Australia.

"I absolutely loved this course! Mark is an excellent teacher and I highly recommend his course."

I. Rakitic - Melbourne, Australia

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course and felt that I learned more about practical applications of deception detection through Mark's inclusion of case study examples."

Yasmin Richards - Australia

"I have been trying to take this class in person but I was always unable to attend. I purchased the two books; 'I Know You Are Lying' and 'Don't be Deceived.' After reading both of them, I signed up for this course. I have learned so much after completing all three. I highly recommend the books and the course."

Turk Jones - Texas Game Warden

"Mark's training set me on my current career path and I have him to thank for giving me the confidence and ability to pursue my passion. His teaching is clear, engaging and informative. He is encouraging, generous with his time and always willing to help. I am indebted to him and I would encourage anyone be they a beginner or a professional to take this course."

Chris Woodruff

"Found this super interesting and fun to complete! Loved the the teaching style."

Jamie Prack - Christopher Newport University Student

"I enjoyed using this course to gain more knowledge."

C. Cox

"This was a great course. Since enrolling in the course, my performance at work has increased tremendously. I've caught my supervisor in more lies than I can count! My customer service score has increased to a 100 the previous month and for the fiscal year."


"Excellent course. I have been in the law enforcement and polygraph career for over 37 years and still learned a lot from this course that I can use."

Scott Barnett - Salt Lake City, Utah

"This was excellent. It was presented in a way that helped me retain more than I normally do from training activities. The use of real-life examples was very helpful and made the course extremely interesting and enjoyable."

Mark Lindsey Earley - Psychotherapist - New Zealand

"This is the best training I have found so far online. I used this training to assist me in examining a 911 audio tape for a case. I spotted some easy indicators that will help at trial. Definitely worth the time and money."

DPE - Pittsburgh, PA

"This subject has interested me for a number of years now. Although I am a retired Metropolitan Police Sergeant this course will help me in other aspects of my work. It is a must for any inspiring police officer and detective. It has taught me so much more than I thought it would. I have read Mark's books and now will look for other courses to consider. You will see how Mark has made interview techniques so much more subtly intrusive by listening and believing what people are saying or not saying."

Graham N. Rice - Guildford Surrey UK

"I really appreciate this class being offered On-Demand. I am currently training in my new role with my company so my time day to day is not always 100% dedicated just to this class. This format made it really easy to pick up where I left off and this class overall has taught me a lot of new things."

Mark Petersen - Oklahoma City, OK

"I took this course to obtain my continued education requirements. I am so glad I chose Mark's presentation. My ability to analyze statements has increased 100%. As a private investigator I speak to a lot of different people, victims, witnesses, and defendants. This training will be essential in processing statements obtained in future interviews."

D. Farrow - Private Investigator

"I really enjoyed this course. It was easy to follow and has great examples and explanations. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in this field."

Zoe Denton - Yorkshire, UK

"I have found this program to be of great benefit. The content is provided in good workable chunks and the system is very user-friendly. The techniques shown in marking up statements to reiterate the learning concepts was also very beneficial."

Scott Taylor

"I was hooked from the first page. This course is very user-friendly. The way the course is presented is amazing. I was able to complete the course while working full time as well as attending college full time. I personally think Mr. McClish is giving the course away at this price. I have asked a few questions with a very speedy reply, so he is with you every step of the way."

Jon Woodel - Bentonville, AR

"Mark, this has to be one of the most fascinating courses that I have ever taken. The lessons, when combined with case studies, videos, and real-life statements, brings the content to life and makes it easily applied to everyday life. I've applied this knowledge at work and while watching true-crime shows on tv. I sometimes even find myself talking out loud to the detectives on tv because they missed VERY obvious deceptive language while interviewing criminal suspects -- and they are PROS! This course was fun, engaging, entertaining, and very much presents information that can immediately be deployed for practical application. I have recommended it to family, friends and colleagues (did you notice the order in which I listed them? Ha.). Time well spent for sure! Loved it."

Kenneth P. Elshoff - Durant, Iowa

"I used this for a forensic psychology class and it helped my understanding so much!"

Virginia - (Taken as part of a university's psychology class.)

"This was an incredibly fascinating course. There is so much that we miss in everyday language that can tell us so much."

Alex Nelson - (Taken as part of a university's psychology class.)

"This was a very interesting and fun course to take! I would recommend it for anyone looking to get into statement analysis!"

Ella Shields - Virginia - (Taken as part of a university's psychology class.)

"As a counselor and an employer, I'm looking forward to using the these techniques in discerning truth and deception in the people I work with. I have already started using SA in my everyday life. I highly recommend Mark's program for anyone interested in this area of linguistics."

Sean O.

"This course has me thinking back many years, into cases I have investigated. This training has changed how I will approach each new case in the future. It was GREAT!!"

NJ Grimes - Criminal Investigator - Brazoria County, Texas

"This course has helped me become a better investigator. The tools and tips provide a thorough checklist of evaluation criteria for better analysis. As someone new to investigation techniques, this course was invaluable."

C. Hofer - Langley, BC Canada

"I loved this course! During the past 4 months I have been catching myself (increasingly) analyzing people on TV and radio. I notice things I never did before. I have spotted scammers on online platforms, which is very satisfying. I am not in law enforcement, but I am finding many uses for the techniques. It is very useful in therapy where I can help people voice things that are difficult or shameful. I also find it very handy on dating sites and when listening to politicians and the like. I am an empath and it is an incredible relief to have a tangible tool to help me translate things I sense intuitively. My world has expanded and I thank you!"

Fraiia Mancenius - Denmark

"I recently have become interested in learning how Behavioral Forensics works. This is my first step into this arena. I am not disappointed. This course has taught me that there is more being communicated than meets the eye. I have started paying closer attention to what I am being told and seeing in writing."

David G. Perkins - Littleton, Colorado

"This course has opened my seeing and listening in what people say. I will never be the same as before I learned these techniques and I look forward to exploring more ways to improve on my listening skills."

Wilson Ndyaguma, Al-Ain City, Abu Dhabi Emirate, UAE

"I loved this course. The format and content flowed effectively in helping to create an understanding of how to conduct a Statement Analysis. The price of the class was reasonable and worth it."

Stephen Golman - Spokane Valley, WA

"I have always admired Mark McClish's work. I enjoyed his books and found them very interesting. I loved that his course was an extension of those books. The course was very well organized and the examples were taken from actual cases. I loved this Statement Analysis course!"

M. Weiss - Ontario, Canada

"Wow, precise and easy to grasp. Impressed with the detailed teachings. The examples were great too! Testing my knowledge helped solidify my understanding. Well done!"

Dr. Meredith Romito QMHP, PsyD. - Professor of Forensic Psychology
Yorktown, Virginia

"This training was excellent and will be a great help in my career."

Howard M. - Pensacola, FL

"I learned so much from this Statement Analysis On-Demand Training. The way the lessons are broken down was very effective for me. I also enjoyed the training and couldn't wait to get to the next lesson. Interesting and informative! Thank you so much!"

Wendi VanDerHorst - Oklahoma City, OK

"This was a great course. I am in a management position within my organization and have to do a lot of interviews as well reviews and investigations with employees and consumers. This course has helped me develop better listening skills as well understand more of the meaning in what people are saying through words or written."

Jon H. - NC

"The course was an excellent way to practice the techniques in Mark McClish's Don't Be Deceived book. The tests, exercises and reviews turned the general statements and principles in the book into concrete skills."

Mike DeTuri - California

"This course has the potential to be life changing. Read the materials, watch the videos and practice. I can say from experience that I have become far more aware of deception, or at least deceptive indicators, in my everyday life. I am in the medical field and not law enforcement but I see how valuable this course is for both. I highly recommend taking this course and you will see for yourself how it changes the way you hear people."

B. Malloy

"This training is fantastic to use with other ways of picking up on deception. People really are betrayed by their words and this training will definitely show you how they do it!"

Brandon Novotny - Pawnee, Oklahoma

"Even if you are not law enforcement you need to take this course. You will never read another email or interview a job candidate the same again. This course is a real eyeopener."

Phil VanDeman

"Mark McClish's Statement Analysis on-demand training is the best online training available. It is interesting, well organized and full of proven techniques that will last a lifetime. I highly recommend it."

M.B. Miles - Phoenix, Arizona

"Very informative. I liked the fact that there were samples of statements for us to utilize for a better understanding."

Y. Gordon

"I am a State Trooper and I took this course on a whim. Going through the materials and techniques I know I am a much more capable Trooper in regards to identifying deception and being able to articulate why there is deception to my peers or my superiors. This course, or an analogous equivalent should be implemented everywhere in law enforcement."

Austin - Oklahoma City, OK

"This training course is very user-friendly, involving practical exercises that really illustrate the techniques and benefits of structured analysis. This will prove invaluable in my professional life. I can recommend the course to anyone interested in finding out what people are really saying beyond the obvious words. This course will benefit anyone who needs to ascertain not only the truth, but also what is being omitted. A fascinating subject. Taught in a clear, understandable and practical way."

David Jefferies - Financial Crime Consultant - Adastral Consulting Limited

"MORE, MORE, MORE. I absolutely loved reading the real case examples and seeing you analyze them word by word. I've already started to look at EVERYTHING through a different perspective. I loved the content and kept looking for more. I was familiar with so many of the cases you used and looked at them all in a new light. I find myself practicing this with each news interview I watch"

GBS- Oklahoma City, OK

"The course was great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in learning about Statement Analysis. It had lots of information, it was easy to follow and had plenty of examples and test statements. Huge thumbs up from me."

Karl Golzar - North East, England

"This course was very informative and gave great examples. The examples help to really bring home the lesson. The practical exercises after each lesson also help to see if you grasped the lesson. It was easy to follow along and you are able to take the course at your own speed."

S. Badger

"Enjoyable, easy to understand and very insightful. Would recommend."

C. Young - UK

"This is the best course I have ever taken."


"Thank you Mark for well-presented course. It was easy to navigate and follow along with the techniques presented. The format is well thought out and follows a logical sequence. Mark is very accessible and was able to give me some of his time and explain some of the material. Thanks again for a job well done."

Michael O. - Ottawa, Ontario

"Statement Analysis has fascinated me since I learned of its existence almost 4 years ago. I read and watched anything I can about it so having the opportunity to complete this course was so exciting for me. The course uses many examples of statements made by regular and famous people which keeps it interesting. I feel that I have much deeper understanding and will be looking for a more advanced course next."

Vicki Hirst - England

"Really found it interesting. Great instruction, neat little trick learned to uncover potential deception in the spoken or written word. Highly recommended for anyone that gathers information from subjects. After this I will always LISTEN better for the subtle clues or omissions that would justify deeper inquiry. "

JGL - New York

"My interest in the online Statement Analysis On-Demand Training was to develop my ability to analyze client's statements in a therapeutic context. I found the course thoroughly enjoyable, extremely well put together and easy to understand. It will certainly support and enhance my work as a talking therapist."

SP - London, UK

"A comprehensive set of techniques explained in measured English. Well recommended."

Andrew Webb - Wales, UK

"I love how reasonably priced this course is and the fact that I have four months to learn the information. This course kept me interested the whole way through. "


"It has been the most exciting and challenging course, worth every penny."

Anja Greisen - Denmark

"I am very satisfied with the training. It is well constructed with enough examples and very informative."

Rali Sartsanova - Sofia, Bulgaria

"The first time taking a statement analysis course. The presentation made it very easy to understand. Looking for more."

Earl Baldwin - St. Louis, MO

"Mark McClish is fab, this course was a pleasure. I enjoyed every minute.

Author Peer Kaae - Denmark

"Statement Analysis On-Demand Training is a great opportunity to improve your practical skills."

D. Porozynska - Poland

"Mark McClish is a gifted teacher, a wise person, and a master of his craft. You will learn, discover, and see things you have never seen or ever looked for! Get started!"

Bill A. - Minneapolis, MN

"This is a great course. You will never be able to read statements the same way as you will be applying everything you learn every time you read or hear a statement."

K. Abbas - Montreal

"Great information. I highly recommend this training!"

R. Finch - Maud Police Department

"I have been looking to book a course on this subject for a while and after taking the Webinar I signed up immediately! Once started, I was compelled to keep going, I completed the course in just a few sittings and have so much more knowledge on the subject, I thoroughly recommend!"

Becs Davis - Bristol, UK

"Mark McClish is a leading expert in Statement Analysis and this comprehensive course should be taken by anyone working in Law Enforcement or related fields. The course is straightforward, understandable, and will make you a better interviewer."

Dr. David Keatley

"This class was well worth it. It was very well put together and the instructor was always available for questions and input. "

Heather - Arizona

"I decided to start the course, purely for personal fun rather than for any professional reason after watching some videos of Mark analyzing statements online. I have really enjoyed following the course and discovering the many ways in which deception can be detected through analyzing verbal and written statements. I completed the Statement Analysis On-Demand Training over a period of several months, fitting it in with a very busy work and home life. The course is broken into small chunks which make it easy to pick up and make progress over a period of time, and the content is clear, well-structured and interesting which makes it easy to follow. I enjoyed the illustrative examples from real situations which added depth and a very realistic element to the short tests throughout the course."

Nicola Robb

"This is a fascinating and well-paced course. There is nothing dry or dull, it is packed with clear information, juicy test statements to analyze as you go and video clips from famous cases to add interest. Mark McClish has done a great job of compiling his teaching. I loved every minute of study and learning. Statement Analysis is one of my passions and I'm really grateful to Mark for putting together a course that anyone can do, not just the professionals. Highly recommended."

D.S. - England

"The information in this course was very easy to understand and can be applied in everyday life. Anyone that completes this course will benefit from it."

B. Dickerson

"This course is worth every cent and then more. The knowledge I continue to gain from this course is one of the greatest gifts I've given myself."

Genene Bates - Townsville, Australia

"This course was an excellent way to learn specific ways people use their words when they are lying or telling the truth. Even though I'm not in the criminal justice field, I have found the techniques I learned in this course to be applicable to daily life as well as in my job."

Lauren T.

"Great course - very eye-opening! I've never been one to pore over statements of any kind, word for word, but I do believe this course has made me a careful listener, critical thinker, and (hopefully) less gullible."

J Lauterborn - West Virginia

"I have been in Law Enforcement for 20 years. I had hit that "burned out" phase in my career. That was until I realized Statement Analysis. I now have a passion to further my knowledge and feel like I can contribute to my department. I just wished I knew about this class sooner. Best class I have taken in my career."

John Thomas - Maumelle AR.

"I come from a retail loss prevention / corporate fraud investigations background. I have been conducting theft / fraud interviews for approximately 26 years. The majority of my interviews I rely on behavioral clues when interviewing to detect deception. Within the first 10 minutes of this course, I was absolutely amazed at what I have been missing within verbal statements and nonverbal statements as well." I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to broaden their skill set.

Ray Fritz - Hackettstown, NJ

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this online course. It has taught me new and useful skills to use in my therapy practice and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in this kind of analytic subject."

M Brumby - Cheshire, United Kingdom

"Exceptional training, course exceeded my expectations!"

T. Welling - Investigative Analyst - Maryland

"I am body language trainer from Croatia. among my trainings there is training in lie detection using nonverbal communication. Statement Analysis is just right to fulfil my lie detection training. I am very happy and satisfy to take Statement Analysis On-Demand Training."

Zeljko Trivanovic - Croatia

"Loved the course, very easy to use, very informative and concise."

Mareile Jerosch-Hoehn - New Zealand

"I have found this course invaluable. The content is well structured and explained. It has given me a system with which I can analyze statements in a consistent way. It is excellent value for money and I am very grateful to Mark for making it available online. Being able to check your analysis of a statement against a professionally done accurate one is very useful. It really helps you pick up on any weak areas you have."

Adrian Wilson - England

"I just want to say this online training is great. I know it is not a substitute for actually classroom style training, but this online course really open my eyes. I hope to be able to attend a live training session with you guys one day."

Ronald (Jamie) Walker Jr.

"I finished the course today. This evening, as I listened to a video, the words: 'I never hurt no one' stood out and alarm bells went off in my head. The repetition and structure of the course has very much opened my mind to what we say and its meaning, far beyond any prior expectation. Well done!"

Gordon - Spain

Thanks for providing this on-demand course. It's very thorough with a lot of learning packed in, yet I feel like I sailed through it, because it was nicely broken up into bite-sized chunks. In the final test, I was surprised at how much information I gleaned from the statement. Even after reading it several times, once I really took a closer look at each sentence individually even more insight was gained. Thank you for enlightening me!

Sophie Zadeh - Perth, Australia

"I love this training, and your books! In the past I relied on intuition. After taking this course (and reading the books) I understand more about how to listen and how to analyze a statement. It helps in my personal life and on the job. Thank you so much!"

Pam W. - Michigan

Before completing this course, I used the Statement Analysis technique on two verbal interviews and one written statement. All three cases indicated deception. The cases involving the verbal interviews confessed and the written statement case was confirmed when the suspect failed a polygraph even though she never confessed.

T. Scott - Winfield, KS

"There are many tools to utilize in an Interview and Interrogation scenario. The Statement Analysis On-Demand Training is a tool that I will continue to use because it assists in keying in on the deceptive statements of the individual. This is something that I have always done without realizing it and now I can easily see where individuals are trying to change the language they are used to using and being deceptive."

Undersheriff Christina McDonald - Cowley County Sheriff's Office, Winfield, KS

"I really enjoyed this course and I learned a lot. I liked the way the course was set out. It was easy to understand with lots of useful information and examples."

Mrs. Presley - Essex, U.K.

"These techniques are simple and accurate enough that I began using them successfully on actual cases immediately."

W.K. Detective Sergeant

"I cannot recommend McClish's Statement Analysis On-Demand Training enough! You will not regret taking this course. You will soon be equipped with the skills necessary to detect deception, omissions and understand the often overlooked undertones of certain statements."

Soren Roest Korsgaard - Author of "America's Jack the Ripper: The Crimes and Psychology of the Zodiac Killer

"It's amazing how much information can be hidden in words. Mark, thanks for opening my eyes and mind on it."

Tomasz Garsztka - Private Investigator - Poland

"This training is extremely interesting even for people whose profession only tenuously, if at all, would call on the technique of statement analysis. For me it was fascinating simply because it relates to how people think - those who make the statements and those analyse them. I will continue to study, in my amateurish way, statement analyses related to two particular unsolved child murder/abductions. The course is very well structured and Mark is very accessible."

Dr. Gabrielle Matters - Australia

"Normally you lose some learning connections with online courses, but this course was FANTASTIC!"

T. Van Dresar - College Station, TX

"I am someone who is hands on and likes to have a person in front of me teaching material so I was skeptical of the 'do it yourself' style training of this course. Not long after starting, I found myself hanging on all of the real-world examples they used to demonstrate their techniques. This was a very enjoyable course and my favorite of the trainings offered so far."

Collin Gray - Investigator - Hobby Lobby

"I found this course to be fantastic. I never realized a sentence could contain such a huge amount of incredibly interesting and valuable information. Even though I don't work in law enforcement directly, this information will definitely be of use to me both personally and professionally."

David - Ireland

"The Statement Analysis course was very interesting and insightful! It opens new career opportunities as well as new insight into the human psyche. I would recommend it to everyone who does not wish to be deceived!"

Anmar van Dyk - South Africa

"The training was very helpful. I will definitely recommend this training to others in my profession. You have to believe exactly what people say for the techniques to work but they 100% do."

V. King - Hanover, VA

"This training was great. I really enjoyed the online platform. I was able to re-read and absorb it, which is key for me. I was impressed with the instructor feedback I received. Excellent training! Thank you for the opportunity to complete it online."

E. Dunston - Pascagoula, MS

"This course is fascinating. I loved it and want to learn more."

E. Michie - Melbourne, Australia

"I highly recommend Statement Analysis Online Training for ANYONE wanting to understand the language of deception. Through examples and instructional material, the concepts are taught clearly and effectively."

S. Dixon - Anaheim, CA

"I found every aspect of this training to be interesting and helpful for my duties as a law enforcement officer. I recommend this statement analysis training to any officer who wishes to further their training and abilities to be more effective."

Officer A. Tillett - Bedford, IN

"This course was very thorough and informative. It should be mandatory for all law enforcement officers. When they have this skill in their toolbox it will provide amazing assistance in catching the bad guys!"

L. Lazo - Keyport, NJ

"I signed up for this course a few weeks ago because it was so reasonably priced and covered all of the main statement analysis principles. I was really pleased that it exceeded my expectations by giving in-depth lessons and examples, with tests at the end of each section. I imagined that I'd be able to breeze through it in a day, but it took quite a while to complete, as I really had to think about the principles and apply them properly. You can't just skip forwards and miss a section - you have to do the work. The end of course feedback was informative and personal and I'm very glad that I decided to enroll as I have learned so much. Thanks so much!"

S. Varle

"Mark has devised a great self-paced training program that will teach you the techniques to analyze what people are really saying in written and spoken words."

Unit Supervisor Ronnie J. Odom
Insurance Integrity Bureau - Mississippi Attorney General's Office

"I found the Statement Analysis course to be extremely helpful. It is clear, concise and uses real-life examples to illustrate the techniques."

N. A. Cline - Dallas, Texas

"I loved it! After I took my Body Language Trainer certification, I thought that I had enough information to detect deception, feelings and emotions. Looking to develop myself in this area, I ran into this Statement Analysis Online Training and I have realized that I want to be able to understand more of what other people are saying. This course opened my horizons and thanks to this course now I am able to watch the nonverbal and listen what people are saying in a different and more complex way."

Ioana Soare - Body Language Trainer - Bucharest, Romania

"The statement analysis online training was very informative. The course provided me with a deeper understanding of paying attention to the behaviors and listening to specific words and phrases people use when conducting interviews."

D. Sutton - Investigator Washington, DC

"It was a very informative course. I especially appreciated that following each lesson we could practice our new skills and also review it immediately. I would definitely recommend this to other individuals looking to learn or expand their knowledge in the study of Statement Analysis.

T. Smith

"After serving almost twenty years as a law enforcement officer and working in the Criminal Justice Department of a university, I found this class to provide in-depth and valuable information. The information is presented in a way that is easy to follow and coincides with the tests. This class will make you consider all statements in a new light."

LP - Naples, Florida

"The Statement Analysis On-Demand Training Course gave me a richer understanding of the nuances of Statement Analysis than can be achieved through personal research. I'm completing this training with a deep appreciation for the merits of Statement Analysis and for the attention to detail required by admirable practitioners worldwide."

Chelsea Cox

"Great course! Very informative! I now have a different perspective on words and phrases that I never really considered as key indicators of truthfulness or deception."

Brandi Stephens - Polk County Sheriff's Office

"Statement Analysis On-Demand Training as presented by Mark McClish is the single best block of instruction I have ever participated in online. It should be mandatory for anyone in law enforcement or site protection. I was able to work at my own pace and get as much out of the class as I possibly could. Thank you for an amazing class."

Shawn Bauer

"Statement Analysis is a must have tool for any investigator This course will improve your interviewing skills dramatically."

Deon Engelbrecht - Polygraph examiner - South Africa

"I highly recommend this training. It is suitable for all professions. Thank your Mr. McClish for sharing your knowledge and professionalism."

Guruh Taufan - Communication Analyst, Indonesia

"This training is absolutely fascinating! It will be great for use in work and in life."

J. Fleming

"It's a great course if you want to get into Statement Analysis. Before becoming a professional, you have to learn the basics and that is what this course teaches you. I loved it."

Y. Bortnik

"Very clear and easy to follow. Not only has this training made me more aware to the validity in what I am reading, but it also has made me more aware to the words people use (including myself). Thank you!"

Stacy Fawn

"I am a therapist and a Forensic Psychology doctorate candidate. I work with various levels of law enforcement, the Department of Corrections and members of the legal system. The techniques offered through Statement Analysis are a must have in the tool box of anyone working within any field where interpreting behavior and communication are essential."

Edward Hall PhD candidate

"This course is packed full of information and is relevant to anyone who works in positions where deception detection is vital or who is interested in personal development. I highly recommend this course."

Laurie Ayers - West Michigan

"You'll be surprised at how much you're missing until you have statement analysis in your back pocket. Thank to this course I feel very confident in detecting deception and greatly appreciate Mark McClish for preparing such a well laid out course."

Aaron Provencio - Tulare, CA

"Excellent instruction. I highly recommend your course to others looking to gain insight into a person's verbal and written language."

L. Walker

"The Statement Analysis Online Training Course provided me with an in-depth look at how to analyze written and oral statements. Being a lawyer, I am constantly looking for ways to analyze a client's, opposing party's, or lay-witness's statements to determine if they are being truthful. The skills provided in this course are phenomenal and I cannot wait to start incorporating the skills I learned into my practice!"

Debra B. Tuomey, Esq. - Florida

"This training was awesome! Completing this course helped me to very quickly discern when subjects are being deceptive and enabled me to zoom in to gather more information than I ever could before."

Bruce P.

"Full of real-life examples and practice tasks, this online course provides simple and easy to apply techniques for detecting deception and uncovering the hidden meaning in written and verbal statements. I recommend it to fellow analysts who review statements as part of their role."

D. Galasso - Intelligence Analyst - UK

"Having considerable training and experience in content analysis, I found this course to have many examples of real situations where Statement Analysis can be used. I would recommend this course to beginners and experts like. There is something for everyone to learn."

T. Nichols - Las Vegas, NV

"This is state-of-the-art training in deciphering written and verbal cues to detect deception."

M. Krajacic

"This was eye-opening. I only wish I had already done this prior to my recent custody battle."

A. Sarchett - Raleigh, NC

"Mr. McClish's statement analysis course has proven to be a very useful tool in my work as a Special Investigator retained by OPM FIS. I am far more competent in my work conducting national security and public trust background investigations than ever before."

J. Scott

"This training is very helpful and has helped me a lot! I would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested. It all makes perfect sense and it is not difficult to follow."

K. Martin

"I really enjoyed the course. It contained alot of very practical information to help a person grasp an understanding of statement analysis. The course is very easy to follow and I feel that I learned a lot from this course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn statement analysis."

J. Commandant - Barrie, Ontario

"Being assigned to investigate child sex offenses, the information contained in this program will enhance my abilities to conduct interviews of victims, witnesses and suspects."

M. McNeely - Criminal Investigator, Morganton, NC

"The Statement Analysis Online Training is EXCELLENT because the course is clear, concise, well-written and organized in 10 easy-to-understand sections that can be completed according to each individual's pace and timing. Quizzes and tests within each of the 10 sections reinforces the learning objectives for the course."

Janette Ghedotte - Accurate Body Language, LLC

"As a Certified Forensic Interviewer I am always looking for valuable training to enhance my skills and I enjoyed your program. I appreciated when the material supported previous training and when it provided new ideas for me to consider. Thank you for the training. Hopefully I will see you at a conference or seminar in the near future."

Michael Reddington - CFI, Director of Investigations

"Mark McClish does what so many of us Deception Detection Specialists struggle to do; distill a deep and complex process and present it in a format that is instantly recognizable and comprehensible to the learner. In short order, Mark equips you with the superpower-like ability to detect deception in written and verbal statements. You will never read or listen to another's statement the say way."

Jeremy Kesby - Deception Detection Specialist

"Statement Analysis Online Training offers a well-designed logical approach to gaining the skill set required for Statement Analysis. I would recommend this to anyone involved in interviewing."

Miles Austin - London, UK

"This is by far the craziest and most interesting course on deception I have ever taken. Body Language and Nonverbal cues are good to know but everyone usually communicates with words so this is extrememly helpful in identifying deception!"

J. Mendez - Naples, Florida

"I have followed this website for several months and have read your books, but the training goes into much more depth about how to effectively analyze statements. I have already noticed a difference in how I "listen" at work. It was well worth the money spent, and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to be more effective at analyzing the things people say."

J.L. - Predictive Analyst

"This was THE MOST engaging course I have ever taken. It wasn't even close to what I was anticipating. I was captivated from the beginning and eagerly proceeded through the entire course. I am so impressed with my new found skill that I am now looking at other opportunities to advance my training."

Thomas Lynk - Windsor, Ontario

"This course was very thorough and well presented. Your explanations were thorough and gave me a lot more insight into the minds of the writers."

Sally Elliott - Windermere, FL

"I work in VSA examinations and I apply the analysis of nonverbal language. Since I started to learn the techniques of Statement Analysis, I've been using these techniques and I have seen that the results are more conclusive than just reliable or unreliable person."

Juan Garcia - Guatemala, Guatemala

"The Statement Analysis Online Training is excellent. Full of real life examples, I found this a valuable learning tool. - Thank you."

Roger Lomas - BSc Hons, MSc, UK

"As an active Christian minister in my community, I have greatly benefited from this Statement Analysis training which has taught me to accurately discern the truth in my daily interactions with people and discover hidden meanings in their words which I often was oblivious to before."

E. Tristan Ortiz - Dr. of Christian Education

"The Statement Analysis Course has enhanced my ability to detect deception immensely. The techniques learn has already become an asset, enabling me to serve my clients more effectively. Thank you Mr. McClish for sharing your knowledge and professionalism."

Justino Gomez - Forensic Associates LLC, Garden City, New York

"This is an excellent course and easy to follow. This course is refreshing, a real eye opener and has helped me both in every day and working life. I thoroughly recommend this course to everyone."

C.S. Woodruff - England

"The dynamics of this program are well structured, based in real world experience and will change the way you understand people, language and the world around you."

Reed McClintock - Lead Investigator, OR Forensic Gaming Protection Agency

"Very good training course! I highly recommend the book, I Know You Are Lying by Mark as well!"

Shane E. - Regional Investigator

"This training will give you the tools you need to become a better interviewer. Mark's analysis of statements is accurate and on point."

Detective/Sergeant Lorenzo Miles - Somerset County Sheriff's Office

"Outstanding instruction! Combined with the book I Know You Are Lying you cannot resist being hooked on Statement Analysis. I want to learn more!"

J.D. Wheeler - ICE, Homeland Security Investigations

"I was drawn to Statement Analysis partly out of curiosity and partly because unlike other lie detection techniques determining a baseline is not necessary. The course is a very good value for the money and it is something anyone can learn even with no prior background in lie detection techniques. I recommend this course to anyone who is seriously interested in learning this technique."

J. Baer - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"If you are in some aspect of law enforcement you simply cannot pass up this opportunity to learn how to listen to what you are being told. It matters not if it's a suspect, a victim, a mischievous child or a car salesman you are going to walk away with so much more knowledge. If you're concerned at it being online, my experience has been favorable. To work at my own pace has allowed me to retain so much more. Thank you so much Mark."

Cpl. B.W. Borean - Royal Canadian Mounted Police

"The course is excellent. The material is presented in a logical, easy to retain fashion and the lesson to lesson progression is structured to optimize the student's confidence and skill level. In addition to providing a solid foundation in Statement Analysis, the course also enhances investigative interviewing and report writing skills."

Doug Rook - Campus Community Police Service, University of Western Ontario

"I only wish I would have had this course in the beginning of my 35 year law enforcement career. The techniques learned in the Statement Analysis Course would be an asset to any law enforcement officer conducting investigations."

Mickey M. - Retired Federal Agent

"By far this is one of the most comprehensive courses I have taken. The format of this course makes it easy to retain information for long term. I have found the skills Mark has taught to be useful in every interview I have performed since I began the training."

L. Pressey

"The information that I gained through the Statement Analysis class will be instrumental to my success as a investigator."

Levi Ellis - Regional Investigator Hobby Lobby Stores

"I found the Statement Analysis training program to be very informational. I want my clients to send their investigators through this program."

T. David Harlow, - PI, Fire/Explosion Investigator

"I found this training interesting and exciting. It opened my eyes to the world of Statement Analysis. I have already employed some of the techniques and found them very useful."

C. Blackman - Barbados

"In a faced paced world where we have to make quick decisions on whom to trust, Mark has shared his skills with us to cut through the world's bull. Once you take his course be prepared; your view of what people write and say will not be the same again."

Gordon H.

"This is an interesting and enjoyable course. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs to take statements or who has an interest in interviewing."

R. Manson - Co Offaly, Ireland

"An excellent course to supplement an interviewer's/interrogator's current skills."

D. Huxel - St. Louis, MO

"I was working on a couple of current theft cases and had written statements. The instructor confirmed my thoughts and one of the suspects later confirmed he was being deceptive."

Sgt. J. Hutchinson - Investigator, Bayport MN Police Department

"Thank you very much for your wonderful course. I learned a lot and enjoyed it. Now I feel much more confident in my job."

Rita K. - Bogota Columbia

"From the first lesson I was able to start using what I learned in written and verbal statements. I can't wait to dig into more statements."

Angelo N. - Woodbridge, VA

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