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Statement Analysis Test

Here is a case in which a bank deposit that was supposed to be deposited on November 14 wasn't deposited until January of the next year. A person who worked at the bank confessed that she took the money and then later returned the money in January by making the deposit.

She was told to describe in detail what happened from Sunday January 18 until Wednesday January 21 from the time she got up until the time she went to sleep. What I want to know is when in January (day and time) did she return the deposit. Can you find the answer in her statement below?

"Sunday morning I came into work. I don't remember the exact time, but it was probably around 9 or 10 am. I was working on a report that I had to e-mail to Odoms that day. I worked until around 4:30, then went home. I might have stopped at the grocery store, but I don't remember. After I got home, I rested, had dinner, and watched TV until 11 when I went to bed.

Monday, I got to work about 8:30. I started working on the deposit while the interface was processing. It seemed to be a big deposit. Sandy came in about 9:30. I was still working on the deposit around 10 when George came in and said someone from Odoms was on the phone. I had sent the wrong information. I talked to the lady and found out I had to send the e-mail again. I turned the deposit over to Sandy to finish. I had to correct a few figures, so I did not get the report e-mailed until about 12:30.

When I finished the e-mail, I started working on Thursday, Friday + Saturday work. The ticket printer had gone down + it was a real mess! I worked on processing the tickets and I think Sandy did the checks and a few other things. She left about 3:30.

Since Monday January 19 was Martin Luther King day the bank was closed and the deposit would have to be put in the night deposit. I don't know that I did or did not make the deposit to the bank that day. I don't think I did because there was so much work to do that I would not have had the time. I worked until 7 or so and then went home. I got home around eight, had supper and relaxed until around 10:30 or 11 and went to bed.

Tuesday morning I got to work about 8:15. I was still working on the arc report from the work before. I do not remember whether I worked on the deposit this morning or not. It was a very busy day. Since Monday had been a holiday we were allowed to send the ARC Report on Wednesday instead of Tuesday. With all of the printer problems, I found it necessary to do this. I worked until around 6:30 then went home. I then had supper and watched TV until around 11 pm.

Wednesday morning I got to work at 8:00. I finished up the arc Report that day. I do not remember whether I worked on the deposit this day or not. I was scheduled to be off work on Friday, so I was trying to get as much done as I could by Thursday when I left. After I finished the arc Report, I started working on Monday + Tuesdays daily work. I worked until about 5:15 pm. Since it was Wednesday, I had AWANA at Church at 6:30. This lasted until 8:00. I then went home and ate and relaxed until bed time around 11 pm."

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