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On these pages, I will not analyze a complete case but I will examine brief statements made by people in the news.

August 2022 - Does Senator Mark Kelly want President Joe Biden's help?

June 2022 - Did Deshaun Watson sexually assault women?

March 2022 - Does President Biden want a regime change in Russia?

February 2022 - Did Abby Broyles verbally accost kids at Valentine's party?

December 2021 - Did Jussie Smollett commit perjury?

September 2021 - Did Bill Gates maintain a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein?

July 2021 - Did Congressman John Thomspon commit domestic violence?

May 2021 - Why are there many Obama officials now working in the Biden administration?

April 2021 - Does the seized laptop belong to Hunter Biden?

March 2021 - Is the Biden administration refusing to allow Fox News to ask questions?

February 2021 - Did Governor Andrew Cuomo sexually harass women?

January 2021 - Who is the Golden State Warrior's dance cam mom?

October 2020 - Did Joe Biden know about Hunter Biden's business dealings in China?

September 2020 - Why did Dancing With The Stars get rid of hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews?

August 2020 - How much respect does Joe Biden have for Kamala Harris?

June 2020 - Why did President Trump go into an underground bunker?

May 2020 - Should you buy a copper-infused mask?

April 2020 - Did Chris Cuomo verbally assault a bike rider?

February 2020 - Did Fotis Dulos kill his wife Jennifer Dulos?

January 2020 - Did Bernie Sanders tell Elizabeth Warren a woman couldn't win the Presidential election?

November 2019 - Robert Chambers - The Preppy Murder

October 2019 - Did Sean Newaldass have an affair with Senator Kamala Harris?

August 2019 - Did Rep. Ilhan Omar have an affair?

July 2019 - Did Danielle Stella shoplift?       Updated

June 2019 - Did Donald Trump sexually assault E. Jean Carroll?

March 2019 - Did R. Kelly sexually abuse women?

December 2018 - Does Mike Pompeo believe the Saudi Crown Prince ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi?

August 2018 - Did Christopher Watts' words betray him in the disappearance of his family?

July 2018 - Is Rep. Jim Jordan lying?

March 2018 - Ozzy Osbourne and the death of Randy Rhoads

February 2018 - Woman admits to making up a story about being kidnapped.

December 2017 - Did former Navy pilot David Fravor see an alien space craft?

November 2017 - Did Senator Al Franken inappropriately touch a woman?

October 2017 - Did Secretary of State Rex Tillerson call President Trump a moron?

July 2017 - Did Jane Dorotik kill her husband?

June 2017 - Did Diplo have sex with Katy Perry?

April 2017 - Did Syria use chemical weapons?

January 2017 - Did Jeffrey MacDonald kill his wife and two children?

December 2016 - Is President Obama confident he could have won a third term?

October 2016 - Did Donna Brazile give the Clinton campaign a proposed Town Hall question?

July 2016 - Did Hillary Clinton break the law?

June 2016 - Why did Bill Clinton meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch?

April 2016 - Did Ted Cruz have an affair?

March 2016 - Has Hillary Clinton always told the truth?

September 2015 - Is Leslie Allen Merritt Jr. the Phoenix freeway shooter?

April 2015 - Bruce Jenner's Transitioning

February 2015 - Can you purchase a bag of unsearched government coins?

Janaury 2015 - Did NASCAR driver Kurt Busch assault Patricia Driscoll?

November 2014 - Is comedian Bill Cosby a serial rapist?

September 2014 - Did Senator Klobuchar Rule Out Being A Candidate For The Next Attorney General?

August 2014 - Pawn Stars

June 2014 - Susan Rice Defends Her Bergdahl and Benghazi Comments

May 2014 - Malaysian Flight 370

March 2014 - Did the CIA hack into senate computers?

February 2014 - Bill O'Reilly's Super Bowl Sunday interview of President Obama

January 2014 - Did Governor Chris Christie know about the lane closures on the George Washington bridge?

December 2013 - Did Moses Pittman kill Ronnie Chapman?

November 2013 - President Obama on the healthcare rollout

July 2013 - Samantha Geimer talking about Roman Polanski

June 2013 - Edward Snowden

May 2013 - Magnetic bracelets

April 2013 - Attorney General Eric Holder

February 2013 - Debby Boone and the Lifestyle Lift

January 2013 - The Magic Johnson and Isiah Thomas feud

December 2012 - The X-Factor Australia

October 2012 - The Vice Presidential debates

October 2012 - Jerry Sandusky's sentencing

September 2012 - Cam Newton's apology

August 2012 - Pat McCrory

August 2012 - President Obama's statement on small businesses

June 2012 - The sinking yacht Blind Date distress call

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